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Electrical Systems Services

The condition of your electrical system is vital to your vehicle’s basic functioning and performance. The Auto Repair will:
Inspect your battery, starter, alternator, and ignition
Make repairs and replacements when necessary


Alternator Inspection & Repair

The alternator charges the battery and sends power to your vehicle’s electrical system when the engine is running.

The Auto Repair can measure the voltage produced and repair or replace the alternator if necessary.


Battery Testing, Repair & Replacement

Testing the battery allows for early detection of problems so it can be replaced before finding yourself stranded with a dead battery.

If problems are detected, the battery may be replaced with a new model according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specification.


Ignition Inspection & Repair

Your vehicle’s ignition creates the spark that ignites the fuel/air mixture in the engine.

The Auto Repair can check the proper functioning of each part and repair or replace any parts if necessary


Interior & Exterior Light Inspection & Replacement

The Auto Repair will check all interior lights, exterior headlights, brake lights, turn signals and make replacements when necessary.

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Other Preventative Maintenance Services

Air Filtration Services

Services can include:

Air filter replacement, Battery ventilation filter replacement, Cabin air filter replacement

Cooling System Services

Services can include:

Radiator flush & fill

Drivetrain Services

Services can include:

Front or rear differential fluid change, Transfer case fluid change

Engine Services

Services can include:

Total engine flush, Belt inspection and Replacement to include Serpentine belt

Fuel System Services

Services can include:

Fuel induction cleaning, Diesel fuel induction cleaning, Fuel filter replacement

Light Services

Services can include:

Headlight, Brake light, Tail lights and Blinker replacement

PA Inspection Services

Services can include:

PA state vehicle inspection & Emissions

Tire Services

Services can include:

Tire Services

Transmission Services

Services can include:

Drain & fill of transmission fluid for automatic, Automatic CVT and manual transmissions

Wiper Blade Replacement

Services can include:

Visually inspecting wiper blades, Removing old blades, and Installing new blades