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Transmission Services

An automatic transmission uses a computer to select the precise gear to be used without any driver involvement while a manual transmission requires the driver to use a clutch and gear stick to change the gears.
The Auto Repair performs numerous services to make sure your vehicle’s transmission is at its best.


Automatic Transmission Filter and Fluid Change

Changing the automatic transmission fluid and filter will keep your transmission clean and will prevent wear and damage to the vehicle gears.


Manual Transmission Fluid Change

Changing the manual transmission fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications will keep your transmission clean and prevent premature wear and damage to the vehicle gears.



Transmission Removal and Replacement

Over time the gears in your transmission may become worn and need to be replaced.
The Auto Repair can diagnose problems with your transmission and replace it if necessary.


Clutch Repair

The Auto Repair can diagnose and repair problems with your clutch so that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

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Other Preventative Maintenance Services

Air Filtration Services

Services can include:

Air filter replacement, Battery ventilation filter replacement, Cabin air filter replacement

Cooling System Services

Services can include:

Radiator flush & fill

Drivetrain Services

Services can include:

Front or rear differential fluid change, Transfer case fluid change

Electrical System Services

Services can include:

Battery testing & replacement and terminal cleaning

Engine Services

Services can include:

Total engine flush, Belt inspection and Replacement to include Serpentine belt

Fuel System Services

Services can include:

Fuel induction cleaning, Diesel fuel induction cleaning, Fuel filter replacement

Light Services

Services can include:

Headlight, Brake light, Tail lights and Blinker replacement

PA Inspection Services

Services can include:

PA state vehicle inspection & Emissions

Tire Services

Services can include:

Tire Services

Wiper Blade Replacement

Services can include:

Visually inspecting wiper blades, Removing old blades, and Installing new blades