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Frederick, MD (11/13/2020) – WLR (Wash, Lube, Repair) Automotive Group’s purpose statement is “Changing Lives, One Neighbor at a Time.” In keeping with this commitment, the company began an initiative that would provide families with a full Thanksgiving dinner. The program was a success and as a result, “Feeding Families” was established and the now annual food drive is in its eighth year. This year, each of the company’s locations, including the corporate office has a “Feeding Families” basket available to fill with nonperishable goods from November 4 through November 15, 2019.

Last year, WLR’s Feeding Families initiative provided a Thanksgiving feast for 34 families in need. The company is hopeful to feed 40 families this year. “Thanks to the generous donations from customers and employees, each Feeding Families basket has everything a family would need for a Thanksgiving meal,” says Michelle Rankin, WLR’s Community Relations Manager. WLR provides a turkey; as well as the tablecloth, napkins, plates, plastic-ware, and roasting pans needed to prepare, serve, and enjoy the meal. “I would say on average, there’s enough food in each basket to feed a family of four several times,” says Rankin. “If, for some reason, there’s something that hasn’t been donated, then we’ll take care of filling it, but we never have a lack of food.”

Every year, there’s a wide-variety of recipients, “sometimes it’s a family who is going through hard times,” Rankin explains, “and sometimes it’s another organization that we donate to, like The Boys and Girls Club. In other instances, the Feeding Families basket is donated to a local church or elementary school. As a team, we agree on who the basket will go to. WLR Employees love being part of a company that cares about the communities they serve.” Rankin says “it’s part of our culture… to always help in some way, and Feeding Families is one of those ways.”

About WLR Automotive Group, Inc.

WLR Automotive Group, Inc. has been headquartered in Frederick, Maryland since 1987. The company operates 12 vehicle maintenance centers (The Lube Center) throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as five car washes (The Auto Spa), two express car washes (The Auto Spa Express) and two repair facilities (The Auto Repair). The company serves more than 800,000 customers each year and is committed to offering the highest-quality service and providing an exceptional-experience for customers. The WLR team members care about each other and the communities they live in and are committed to Changing Lives, One Neighbor at a Time. For more information about your local WLR locations, visit

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